About Us

Union Aid was established by Dr. Toryalay Nassery and initiated its activities in health sector after its establishment in 1979 that formally commmenced after 1980 with the prior permission by the Ministry of SAFRON, Government of Pakistan.

Union Aid is actively providing health care services, education scholarships, vocational training and family support program to Afghan Refugees residing in Pakistan and the local host community with the support of donors.

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Union Aid envisions a safe and just society where all humans regardless of their ethnicity, tribe, language, and religion receive equal benefit from development funds, processes, and work together for a safe and better world.


Union Aid is a non-government, non-profit organisation working for the under privileged humanity. Our mission is to serve without prejudice all humans in need regardless of their ethnicity, tribe, language, and religion.


Union Aid aims to develop societies where the privileged and under privileged live together in harmony. Our goal is to provide every human being with the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, security, education, and health care.

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