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MI-Donor visit from Health Project in Mazar-e-Sharif




The Grant and finance Coordinator of Malteser international made and visit from the Basic Health Centers BHC covering by Union Aid.
The purpose of the visit was to observe the actual activities and improvements at the health facilities and to see their extra needs.
Meanwhile the team have visited one out of 53 health posts and observed the activities of the health posts at the community level.
The MI colleagues also participated in the awareness and distribution of the hygiene kits among the community.
The team also participate in one of the health Shura meeting and talked face to face with the community elders and the health shura members. 
After the field visit the distinguished colleagues met the office staff and participate in the staff weekly meeting.
The project statues (achievements and challenges) are being shared through a comprehensive presentation by project Manager.
Similarly the HMIS, NIS and the pharmacy stock control system  explained to the visitors.
At the end the Malteser international representative has express his gratitude and extremely appreciate the hard work, discipline, dedication and achievements being done by the Union Aid Mazar Project Staff.

Union Aid Office, Balkh Mazar-e-Sharif

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