Ongoing Projects

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Completed Projects

Assistance Project 2008 - 2018

The organization helped the flood affected Afghan refugees settled in Peshawar, Nowshera & Charsadda districts with provision of relief goods. i.e. Rice, wheat flour, tents and blankets.

Vocational Training Project Since 1984

The Vocational training centers provide the Afghan Refugees with the opportunities of skill building in different fields to become them self dependent.

  • HUNAR Vocational Training
  • Carpet Weaving
  • Pattu Weaving
  • Shoe Making
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Carpentry
  • Tin Making
  • Gemstone

Azakhel Labor Rooms 1998 - 2010

Labor rooms were constructed in Azakhel to support the Refugee population.

20 Bed Hospital in Mundapul 1988 - 2000

The hospital was established and run in Charsadda district.

Establishment and Running of 20 Basic Health Units 1980 - 1996

Our health services consisted of daily OPD, MCH program, Immunization, Malaria and TB cases detection and treatment.
Our health activities were conducted in tents upto 1984, afterwards all Basic Health Units were properly constructed and fully equipped. In 1996 the number of Basic Health Units reached 29.

The basic health units were located at:

  • Baraki
  • Kachawri
  • Baghbanan
  • Michini
  • Muslim Abad
  • Yaka Ghund
  • Shamshatu

Providing Medical Facility 1987 - 1989

Provided medicines to the clinics running for Afghan Refugees residing in Islamabad.

Distribution of Relief Goods 1985 - 2000

Relief Goods were distributed among the refugees in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Film Project 1986 - 1990

Film project was established which recorded movies from war fronts to aware the world of the atrocities of invaders and show the real picture of Afghanistan.

50 Bed Hospital 1984 - 1992

The hospital was established and run at Barakai camp in Swabi district. It was well equipped with the experienced staff.

Sending Surgical Patients 1984 - 1994

351 war victims were sent to foreign countries for specialized treatment.

Awarding Study Scholarship 1982 - 1991

Ottobenic Foundation issued Scholarships to 87 Afghan students who were admitted in colleges across Pakistan to complete their studies.

First Aid Course 1981 - 1985

This project was also conducted by this organization to train the Afghans to provide First Aid to the war wounded patients.

Artificial Limbs Project 1981 - 1990

The project provided more than 1300 upper/lower limbs to the crippled of war.

Milk Distribution Project 1980 - 1986

Daily distributed liquid milk with protein to the encamped children and lactated mothers in various camps to help the malnourished children.